R Cubed has extensive experience with software control of many scientific instruments including, but not limited to, CCD and CMOS cameras (with or without proprietary interfaces), detectors (diode arrays, PMTs), spectrometers, stage controllers and filter wheels.  Instruments can be interfaced alone or in sequence with other instruments for a complete experimental design.


  Our emphasis is on scientific programming (spectroscopy, imaging, fluorescence, etc.) but we have also handled various non-scientific projects such as Microsoft Outlook add-ons.


  Project size is never a problem.  We have done large (year), medium (months) and small (days) projects, all with equal attention.


  We can work with you to write the project specifications from basic requirements or help review your own complete specification.


  Programming platforms include LabVIEW, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi Pascal and Varian (Agilent) ADL.